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Even if you have lived in the United States for your entire life, chances are you have only seen a small part of our beautiful country. And we imagine that the parts of the nation you have seen weren’t off the beaten path. There are thousands of destinations in the United States that are not major metropolitan cities that you won’t believe actually exist. This is just one reason you need to take a road trip this summer.

Driving cross country allows you to experience all that America has to offer. It also makes you appreciate your hometown that much more. But if you remain unconvinced, here are a few more reasons you should take a road trip.

New Car

You spent a lot of time searching auto dealerships in Commerce City finding the car of [...]

Your friends and family give you plenty of advice about life and about the best way to buy a car. We suggest you take it all in with a grain of salt because much of that advice is outdated or just plain wrong. Some advice or tips from others are cringeworthy because people not only believe them, they use them and in many cases, it backfires on them.

Many car buying myths stem from one assumption; that the car salesman is trying to screw you. People believe this so strongly that they go into the dealership with a bad attitude. When shopping cars for sale in Commerce City, this is not the right approach. If you truly believe you are getting ripped off, then walk away.

Here are a few other bits of [...]

This last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, kicked off the official start of summer, the time of year when American pack their bags and find a vacation destination. And while many will board airplanes and fly to exotic locations, many of your will hop in your car and drive to your dream vacation spot here in the United States.

But before you drop one suitcase in the trunk of your car, you might want to consider buying a new car first. After all, your car has thousands of miles and could break down at the worst possible time; right in the middle of the highway in the middle of your vacation.

After you have scoured your Commerce City auto dealerships and bought your new car, it is time to plan that summer getaway. If you are having a difficult time finding a worthy destination, we have a few ideas.

Austin, Texas

If you are into really [...]

Let’s get this out of the way; many people feel that buying a car is not a sound financial decision. After all, you can expect to plunk down plenty of hard-earned money on a vehicle that will begin to depreciate the moment you take it on the road. But even if you are a frugal person and have been judiciously maintaining your ride, there comes a tipping point when it just makes sense to but a different car. It could be as serious as your current vehicle needs thousands of dollars worth of repairs or something as trivial as the fact you care sick of listening to music on cassette tapes. Even if you are just tired or your car and all of the squeaks and other noises it makes, it is good [...]

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