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Road Trips, Auto Dealerships in Commerce City and Self-Discovery

Even if you have lived in the United States for your entire life, chances are you have only seen a small part of our beautiful country. And we imagine that the parts of the nation you have seen weren’t off the beaten path. There are thousands of destinations in the United States that are not major metropolitan cities that you won’t believe actually exist. This is just one reason you need to take a road trip this summer.

Driving cross country allows you to experience all that America has to offer. It also makes you appreciate your hometown that much more. But if you remain unconvinced, here are a few more reasons you should take a road trip.

New Car

You spent a lot of time searching auto dealerships in Commerce City finding the car of your dreams. Now that you own a car that you are proud of, it seems a waste of time to only drive it to and from work and the grocery store. Go ahead, take your new car on a road trip for the population to see. There is no better way to break in a new car than a good road trip.

Good Excuse to Make a Playlist

Road trips are all about the music you listen to while you are on the road. You can choose to listen to the radio, but there will be places that you can only get eight or nine stations, six of which are country-western, one religious station and one NPR station.

A road trip is a perfect opportunity to try your hand at being a DJ. And because you are considered a genius when “Life is a Highway” comes on and you just happen to be on a highway.

Flying is Overrated

Even if you don’t hate flying or suffer anxiety as you board the plane, flying is never what you might call a great experience. You are limited in what you can take, you are crammed in a seat with little leg room and you always sit next to the most obnoxious fool who insists on talking about everything you hate. Besides, you are always reading about the crazy things that happen on planes all of the time.

Pace Yourself

Whether you want to speed things up or slow things down, it’s all in your control. If you want to slow down and spend more time at a particular destination, you can do that. If you would rather speed on by the places that look sketchy to you, that is your prerogative.


When you are driving for an extended period of time, your mind tends to wander and you think about some really different things. It is times like this when you come up with great ideas or ways in which you can change your life for the better. A road trip does make you more aware of who you are are the direction you need to go, metaphorically of course.

So celebrate getting a great deal on the car of your dreams by taking a road trip.




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